Fall Marketing Strategy

If you’re like most residentially focused pressure washing companies, you offer a wide range of services: house washing, roof washing, gutter cleaning, concrete cleaning, possibly even some winter services like holiday light installation and ice dam removal. Having a strategy for marketing these services is crucial, but how do you find time to market ALL of them??

Being Seasonal Is Your Friend

Wait, what? Isn’t the seasonal aspect of this business the WORST part?? Not if you cater your marketing strategy to it. Unless you are in Florida, you can’t wash houses year-round. So it makes sense that house washing would start declining in late September. That does not have to mean your sales decline.

When To Market What

There’s a nifty tool out there called Google Trends. You can compare search volume by keyword, AND BY TIME OF YEAR. Seeing the pattern here can help you to switch the focus of your marketing based on what people are looking for. If you KNOW your clients will be searching for gutter cleaning during a certain time period, you can stop chasing house washes and start featuring gutter cleaning.

Take a look at this graph that compares pressure washing (BLUE), gutter cleaning (RED), christmas light installation (YELLOW), and ice dam removal (GREEN):

Search Terms

Let’s Analyze

Obviously, pressure washing takes the cake on volume. But it peaks out sometime in late May, early June. During late June, gutter cleaning peaks for the summer, and drops again until overtaking the rest of the searches late October. If you offer christmas light installation, that peaks out in early November. Ice dam removal hits hot and fast late February and peaks in early March.

Taking the above data, you could:

  1. Focus on pressure washing during early spring and summer.
  2. Start hitting gutter cleaning September through October.
  3. Market christmas light installation mid October through the mid December.
  4. Give ice dam removal the focus early January and campaign through February.

Use the Data!

By seeing the pattern in your customer’s needs, you can cater your marketing to them. This will make your campaigns more effective, less expensive, and give you a much better return on investment.

Need Help?

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