Website Call Conversions…in Adwords!

A new conversion type uses Google forwarding numbers to track calls generated from a website.

This past week, Google launched a heavily coveted feature for many AdWords advertisers. Website call conversions allow companies to track calls that occur after a person arrives on a web site from an ad click.

A code snippet dynamically inserts a Google forwarding number on the website after a user clicks on an AdWords ad. Conversions are tracked whether a user dials the number or clicks on it from their phone. The unique Google forwarding number displays for up to 90 days and numbers can be formatted to match the web site design.

Advertisers can assign different values for calls from specific pages on their sites and use Target CPA and Target ROAS flexible bid strategies. Reporting will then show which keywords drive calls.

Website call conversions can be used in conjunction with other call tracking solutions as well as with AdWords click-to-call. Note, that you won’t be able to see whether an actual sale or transaction occurred by using this solution in AdWords.